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Benefits of going All-Natural with Perfumes

A perfume is a perfume, right? Well, not exactly. At VegwithMeg there are some things that we are passionate about, and chemicals are nowhere on that list. In fact chemicals rank fairly high up on the list of things that we dislike. This is why we love natural perfumes so much - because they do not contain toxic, unnatural chemicals.

So, natural perfumes are cruelty-free, natural vegan beauty products, but should you care? We think you should, particularly if you care about vegan friendly beauty products. 

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Posted in Products By Megan
Vegan is a positive lifestyle choice

Living a vegan lifestyle is a very personal choice so it can mean different things to different people. Some basic principles exist, however, covering what you eat, wear, and use. In short, being vegan is about living healthier, protecting the well-being of animals, and looking after our planet.

It is a hugely rewarding way to live and there are many benefits, but it is not necessarily an easy way to live. The food industry, cosmetics industry, and even the fashion industry are hooked on everything from animal products to animal testing and the use of dangerous chemicals. Why? They are hooked on these things because they are obsessed with cutting costs and making profits. Protecting the health of consumers, ensuring that animals are not subjected to inhumane treatment, and looking after our planet come in low on the priority list for many companies in the food industries and the vast majority of those in the cosmetics industry.

But they are at the top of the priority list for vegans and for the small but growing number of ethical companies that supply genuinely vegan-friendly products.

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Posted in General Information By Megan
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