A natural perfume is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. Have a look at the ingredient list of a "normal" perfume - do you see all those strange ingredients, chemicals, and synthetic materials - a natural perfume doesn't contain any of those. 

All of the ingredients in a natural perfume are derived from nature. Typically they are essential oils, absolutes, or CO2 extractions. In other words they come from flowers, plants, fruits, seeds, and other things found in nature.

What is wrong with other perfumes?

Natural perfumes are completely different to mainstream perfumes, which are made entirely in laboratories. Almost nothing in a standard perfume bottle was made from something that was - or is - alive.

The impact of using these sorts of chemicals on our bodies is only now being realized. They are made in an unnatural way using unnatural ingredients, so it is not surprising that some of the effects on us are unnatural. In particular there are three toxic chemicals commonly found in mainstream perfumes that people often take steps to avoid. They are PTHALATES, PARABENS and SYNTHETIC MUSKS. Natural perfumes don't contain any of these things.

Why should I use Natural Perfumes?

When you wear natural perfumes, you are not second-guessing nature. Instead you are embracing nature and allowing it to interact with you in a way that is more intimate than any synthetic material or chemical can achieve. In other words the scent of a natural perfume enhances the natural aromas of your body, rather than trying to drown them out with unnatural smells.

Plus there are added benefits. Natural perfumes are cruelty-free as there are no animal ingredients, and they are not tested on animals. This also makes them vegan. And as there are no chemicals used in the ingredients or the production they are environmentally friendly too.

You also get the health and well-being benefits of using essential oils. They are nature's life force and have been used for centuries to improve physical, mental and emotional states of well-being. These therapeutic properties exist because the oils contain the healing qualities of the plants from which they are derived.

Is there anything else I need to know?

When you buy natural perfumes make sure that you get a full list of the ingredients - we supply this in all the products that we sell at VegwithMeg. There is a low allergy risk with these perfumes, but it is also worth checking this if you do suffer from allergies.

The fragrances are more subtle and natural than the overpowering, synthetic, and chemically-laden mainstream fragrances, but this is part of the beauty and charm. The perfume lasts for between two and four hours depending on your skin type and environmental factors (temperature etc).

Other than that all you have to consider is which perfume to choose, but this is the fun part. If you want vegan friendly beauty products that are not tested on animals, natural perfumes are your only choice.